Jennifer Freitas is a top-notch paralegal.  I rely on her to find every misplaced comma, dangling participle, and tense tangle in my documents.  Jennifer reviews my work prior to filing in probate court for San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.   Not only does she grammar check me, she math checks me.  If I make a mistake in calculating my fees, it's money lost, so I count on her to see if I have counted correctly!

​Steven L. Yarbrough, Esq.
Trust & Estates Attorney
Los Altos, California


I highly recommend every aspect of service provided by Jennifer Freitas of H2Oproof proofreading. I have experienced her commitment to excellence while working with her on several projects over the last few years.  She definitely has a way with words.  She has a keen ability to catch simple typos I seemed to have consistently read over and a sharp eye for modifying words or phrases that have helped me relay a sharper message.

Vickie Johnson
Realty World - Premier Properties
Saratoga, California


As my executive assistant for nine years, Jennifer handled a wide variety of assignments that required great attention to detail. She contributed significantly to dozens of projects with her thorough and efficient summary of deposition testimony and other legal documents.

Jay Mandell, Ph.D., P.E.
ProAnalysis, Inc.
Campbell, California